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JSON Endpoint

The JSON endpoint is available to help people to debug writing new SDKs and should not be used in production.

How to configure:


- type: ws-json
# url path websocket connections connect to
urlPath: /deepstream-json
# the amount of milliseconds between each ping/heartbeat message
heartbeatInterval: 30000
# the amount of milliseconds that writes to sockets are buffered
outgoingBufferTimeout: 10
# the maximum amount of bytes to buffer before flushing, stops the client from large enough packages
# to block its responsiveness
maxBufferByteSize: 100000
# Security
# amount of time a connection can remain open while not being logged in
unauthenticatedClientTimeout: 180000
# invalid login attempts before the connection is cut
maxAuthAttempts: 3
# maximum allowed size of an individual message in bytes
maxMessageSize: 1048576
# optional required headers
headers: []


In the client options include:

socketOptions: {
jsonTransportMode: true