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Installing on OSX

Download the latest server artifact and unzip it.

Starting deepstream

You can start the server via command line

./deepstream start

Learn more about deepstream's command line interface and its configuration file.

A few hints

deepstream binary comes pre-installed with the following connectors:

  • cache redis
  • cache memcached
  • clusternode redis
  • storage rethinkdb
  • storage postgres
  • storage mongodb
  • storage elasticsearch
  • logger winston

deepstream's configuration file can be written in both YAML or JSON. deepstream will automatically choose the right parser, based on the file-extension.

Some core configuration options can be overridden via commandline parameters, e.g. --host, --port or --disable-auth. For a full list, just run deepstream start --help

The configuration file contains relative paths, e.g. for ./permissions.yml or users.yml. If you run the file from another location, make sure to update them. The paths are relative to the directory the main config file resides in.