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Setting up the backend

In order to have realtime search running we need:

  • deepstream server
  • mongodb server
  • mongodb replicate (for changefeeds to be enabled)
  • realtime-search

Due to the slightly more complex nature of the backend we will let docker-compose manage everything by just using the following commands:

git clone
docker-compose up

Which would result in all the four images being pulled down and run, with deepstream port exposed on 6020

To look a little deeper into it, you'll see that:

  • We have a deepstream config.yml file for mongodb configuration:


  • A docker compose file + a mongodb script which sets up deepstream, realtime search, mongodb and a mongodb replica (all using the default images):


Once you run docker-compose up that should be it for the backend!

You can also look at all the CLI commands by running

> docker run deepstreamio/realtime-search mongo --help

Usage: provider mongo [options]

start a mongodb realtime search provider

--mongo-url <mongo-url> Connect to this mongo server
--mongo-database <mongo-database> Name of mongo database
--ds-url <ds-url> Connect to this deepstream server
--logger-type <logger-type> Log messages with pino or to std
--log-level <level> Log messages with this level and above
--collection-lookup <fileName> JSON file containing model lookups
--inspect <url> Enable node inspector
--native-query Use native mongodb query syntax
-h, --help output usage information